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How Long Does Perfume Really Last?

September 19, 2019

Latest company news about How Long Does Perfume Really Last?

A great perfume isn't just an investment, it's part of your entire outfit.


Chanel, who make some of the world's best selling perfumes say, "Fragrances are assembled and tailored like a garment. They fit, they are worn. They have colours, textures and are suitable to the seasons."


If you just bought a brand new fragrance, you want to be able to wear it as long as possible. So how long does perfume last and what can you do to extend the shelf life?


There are a few factors that will impact the use-by date of your new scent and the main one is where you keep it. Other aspects are the quality of the perfume and its actual use-by date.


Let's explore.


According to "From the time it's produced, a typical bottle of perfume has an average shelf life of three to five years."


But how long it will keep once it's opened, differs. It will last longer if you keep it in a cool, dark place. Or don't open it.


But what's the point of that, right?


How to make your perfume last longer


"One of the biggest enemies of perfume is heat," says


Putting it in the fridge isn't the solution. But it isn't the worst place either.


Jan Fockenbrock, perfumer at Drom Fragrances told InStyle magazine, "The worst place to put it would be on the windowsill as it is being exposed to direct sunlight and heat."


How long does perfume last?


Over time, how and where you store your eau de toilette will have a huge impact on how long it will last, regardless of the expiry date.


To stop it going bad, says the bathroom is a big no-no.


"The bathroom is a place that fluctuates in temperature and humidity, which will cause the perfume’s temperature to fluctuate."


"This breaks down the chemical compounds over time and changes the smell and potency of a fragrance."


How to extend the shelf life of your perfume


Here are some of the best tips on buying and storing perfume so it doesn't go off.


Your perfume will last longer if


You store it in a cool drawer, out of direct sunlight

You store it in its original box

You buy eau de parfum

It has woody base notes


Your perfume will go bad quicker if


You shake the perfume – it allows air to infuse the fragrance which shortens its lifespan

You buy eau de toilette

You decant into a handbag diffuser (it can oxidise and go rancid)

It has floral and citrus base notes

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